Intervac (Pvt) Ltd, thorough the modest approach in just little over five years, its has acquired the reputation of its reputable progress and leading in Veterinary and Poultry Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, with the wide range of products which consist on Antibiotic Powder, Antibiotic Liquid, General Powder, General Liquid, Oral Powder Penicilline, Liquid Injection Penicilline, Powder Injection Penicilline, Antibiotic General Injection, Vet Harmones, Repacking Section, Bolus, and Vaccines for both of Veterinary and Poultry. Our continue efforts and dedication towards to cover and cater the treatment of all minor and major diseases in animals and birds through its spectacular products for both of national and foreign clients.

Intervac (Pvt) Ltd is an ISO 9001 2008, GMP and cGMP certified compliant company with having scope of its customer’s satisfaction for their Healthy Animals and Birds through the distribution of its quality products, whom are manufacturing under the stringent quality control check and balance, Intervac (Pvt) Ltd had made it possible through its highly qualified and experienced faculty coupled with state of the art facility provisioned with high-tech modern equipment and technology.

Intervac (Pvt) Ltd is a company of the professionals committed to the animals Health Care and the ethics of veterinary profession. Our main focus on advance Pharma knowledge and practices make us enable to deliver the innovative, Science – based solution for animals, which could be much profitable for Animal Health Professionals.

In 2007, Pakistani Governmental Authorities granted license of manufacturing to Intervac (Pvt) Ltd, with a distinction that it was the first veterinary pharmaceutical company which received “A” category form Ministry of Health Inspection Panel. After this inspection a clear landmark was set and the team of Intervac was committed to meet the standards and to work for continuous improvement. The plant is scattered in approximately ( 2 ) acres of land. The building had been designed to meet the future & current expansion.

Presently after beating the local veterinary and Poultry market, Intervac (Pvt) Ltd has been extended its boundaries through exporting to different destinations of the world. Yet we again stands out with pride, as it intends to setup a Pharmaceutical facility for the manufacturing of Human Medicines in the near future.
Intervac extends its appreciation and gratitude to its faculty member for the unconditional, individual and collective dedication and support, which has made it possible to reach the present level of excellence and goodwill.


Since the inception of Intervac (Pvt) Ltd in 2007, In a short span of time we have accomplished and send many outstanding milestones with a few to name as below.
• Products range has been exceeded over 150
• Increasing in production ability and capacity.
• Experienced Personnel.
• Production of Poultry & Veterinary Vaccines.
• Successful acquisition of Government, NGO and private body tenders
• Exporting
• Launching of Injection & Bolus Section.
Intervac continues to strive towards excellence from every perspective, ranking it amongst leading veterinary pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan
Intervac (Pvt) Ltd individually and collectively extends its gratitude to all who have and is participating individually or collectively towards its betterment, success and prosperity. All combined efforts have made it possible to reach the present stature..



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